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Box Gift with Milk Box

Hello everyone!
As we are seeing that we are having several requests from other countries, mainly U.S., Germany and Russia, will start publishing some articles in English, I hope to facilitate.

Today we take a hint how to make a beautiful gift box with your carton of milk or juice, which is nearest at hand.

Here I used the technique of paper, but you can also do with fabric, decoupage, etc ... depends on the taste.

Material to be used:
01-tetra pak box, best milk or juice of one liter;
xx coffee filters in my pack I spent three filters per pack
black and white paint on a fabric (just to make the seam)
Scissors, glue brush (can be on hand as well).
Let's put our hands dirty??

First cut the box as pictured below:

As you can see, the part that's left is the cover.

Now use your imagination go and covering all areas outside of the package, a perfect cover up.
Once ready, just to make a seam with fabric paint.

Now you can put some more details with ribbons, bows, etc. .... will of his imagination.

If we want to sell for $ 10.00, the final steps of it are: Height 10cm x 6cm width and 9.5 cm in length. send an e-mail or cesar_zanatto@msn.com decorlixo@hotmail.com

I hope you enjoyed it too.
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Good week!
César Henrique Zanatto

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