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How to make a cover for the sink quickly and recycled!

Hello friends accompanying our blog ! This post is special in two languages ​​because we have many visits from our American brothers and we will do a kindness to have already translated . (via google , okay , forgive any inaccuracies in the translation - hehe ) .
Today I bring to you a tip very easy to do this and you always need one of these . Here at home seems to create legs and disappear , so I had the idea to do this using old slippers ( typically those straps Arrebentão ) and then we'll figure out what that is ?
Who has not seen behind a capful to your bathroom sink / tank or kitchen. Well , now your problems are over - hehehhe ...
You must have an old slipper , or unpaired , or who broke the strap , ois well , and we'll take it by your hands dirty .
An old shoe , and a thin cordinha ( here some call rat -tail ) ;
Tools :
A large needle ( or something to you punch the slipper ) , a pen , a ruler , if you want to do pretty well , you can also use a compass and a pen .
Take the measurement of the diameter of the mouth that wants to cap with the ruler , then make a circle with this diameter as " " a 1 or 2 mm more , or if you use the compass , set the size of the radius ( half the diameter 1ou2 mm ) and make the circle .
Interesting tip : For sinks with Brazilian small mouth , the default is 2.5 cm , and you can use it to mark a mouth plastic bottle , there just mark and cut .
Then with the stylus , cut very upright
That done , get a piece of the leg rope or wire , cross through the piece you cut and a big knot at each end , never to return .
Ready with a slipper of you to do a large inventory of caps .
Note : this also serves to make you a small plunger to put in place the shower hose in place for ever , and several other applications that then give you more tips .
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Below photos of step by step :
hugs ,
César H. Zanatto - cesar_zanatto@msn.com

with measuring

material needed - do not forget the cutter

Drill a hole in the center

Pass the cord and a knot at each end

Pass the cord and a knot at each end

Simple as rubber slipper is soft it fits the hole without much effort

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